Pregnant women's Diary

电通广告(名古屋办公室)与医药公司 Kishokai 合作,创作的 Mother Book 是一本爱心笔记,书籍设计十分有趣,孕妈妈可以在书籍中记录这特殊的9个月,书籍共40页,每页代表一周,随着页面的的翻阅,肚子慢慢的扩大隆起,准妈妈可随意涂写记录怀孕过程中的幸福、担忧及激动。

Mother book is created by telecom advertising (Nagoya Office) in cooperation with kishokai pharmaceutical company which is a love note. The book is very interesting. Pregnant mothers can record this special nine months in the book. There are 40 pages in the book. Each page represents a week. As the page is flipped, the belly expands and bulges slowly. Expectant mothers can scribble and record the happiness, worry and excitement during pregnancy at will.