Winner of "the most beautiful book in the world"

伊玛·布 (Irma Boom) 是一个书籍领域无法绕过的名字!1960年出生的她是当代非常重要的书籍及平面设计创作者。1991年成立 Ilma Baume 工作室,至今创作300多本书籍设计的生涯中,透过书设计呈现反叛的美丽是她广为人知的印象。

Irma Boom is an unavoidable name in the field of books! Born in 1960, she is a very important contemporary book and graphic design creator. ILMA Baume studio was founded in 1991. In her career of creating more than 300 books, she is well known for her rebellious beauty through book design.