PUMA World Cup Limited footwear packaging design

PUMA(彪马)为了2014巴西世界杯,委托英国知名设计公司 Everyone Associates 创作了一款限量包装产品:Puma FIFA World Cup 2014 Tricks Collection。这款包装采用发光亚克力材料,印刷颜料也是采用荧光色,吸收光能后能发出很耀眼的色光。

PUMA commissioned the famous British design company everyone associates to create a limited packaging product: Puma FIFA World Cup 2014 tricks collection for the 2014 Brazil World Cup. This package is made of light-emitting acrylic material, and the printing pigment is also made of fluorescent color, which can emit a very dazzling color light after absorbing light energy.