Ten principles of good design

一代传奇工业设计师迪特·拉姆斯 (Dieter Rams)曾提出广为人知的【好设计的十大原则】,他将自己的设计追求概括为“少,却更好”(Less, but better)。他认为简单才是优秀设计的关键,设计师必须克服追求过多的自我满足感,回应普罗大众基本需求,这才是设计师应有的态度。

Dieter rams, a legendary industrial designer, once put forward the well-known ten principles of good design. He summarized his design pursuit as "less, but better". He believes that simplicity is the key to excellent design. Designers must overcome the pursuit of too much self satisfaction and respond to the basic needs of the general public, which is the attitude that designers should have.